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5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Keep In Mind for Your Next Update

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Friday, March 31, 2017

The two hottest spaces in the home to remodel are undoubtedly bathrooms and kitchens. Why? Well, updates can create drastic, useful transformations that you’ll enjoy every single day.

These two spaces also boast an enviable spot among the projects that offer the highest returns on investment. There’s a lot to like about that; enjoy it now, and get paid back well later!

Much has changed in bathrooms in recent years, and exciting new options, styles, and trends are making a big splash. So, what do you need to know before your next remodel?

Making the Very Most of Your Bathroom Remodel - Here’s What’s Trending!

#1 Organic Warmth and Style

Sure, stone is a timeless addition to a bathroom, but there is a definite swing toward incorporating warmer wood touches as well. To balance the style with practicality, you can also take a look at the massive variety of tile options that mimic hardwood beautifully. Best of both worlds!

#2 Freestanding Tubs

If space allows, a soaker tub is a nice addition. Keep it separate from the shower, used just as an oasis for private relaxation after a long day...

#3 Zero-Threshold Showers

They may not be new, but they are enjoying a level of popularity that only continues to grow. Spacious, relaxing, and practical for those with age or mobility considerations too, there’s a lot to appreciate. And, with limitless potential for materials and style, well, you can absolutely find a look that fits your space.

#4 Luxury Shower Features

Steam showers, rainfall shower heads, electronic control systems, and more... Your shower can be elevated to a spa-like experience, providing the relaxation and comfort that used to be offered only by jacuzzi-style tubs. If you haven’t explored these high-tech advances, now is the right time.

#5 Floating Vanities

A floating vanity is often recommended for smaller bathrooms in particular; freeing up floor space creates a more open feel. But really, this is a nice benefit for any bathroom, regardless of how large or small.

Ready To Make a Plan? Talk To Your Bathroom Remodeling Professional!

You’ll never regret investing in your bathroom, for all of the reasons above. The key now is to talk with a knowledgeable professional who can not only follow your vision, but also offer advice, ideas, and creative solutions as needed.

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