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5 Creative Storage Ideas to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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When it comes to your kitchen, every inch matters. This is largely because the kitchen is the one room in particular that acts like an intersection for your home; it collects everything from backpacks to briefcases, and seems to attract papers, mail, decorations, and those odds ends that feel like they magically appear out of nowhere.

And then, on top of this, there are the essentials that call out for square footage: appliances large and small, counters, cabinets, sink, furniture, and the list goes on…

With all of this in mind, it becomes critical that before you remodel your kitchen you give some serious thought to your storage needs. The beauty of working with a remodeling company is that they can tailor the details to meet your specific requirements, rather than forcing you into a cookie-cutter arrangement.  

Small Storage Additions That Make a Big Difference

  • Corner Drawer - Corner cabinets are tricky to work with. One door bangs into the adjacent door, and lots of valuable space is lost at this perpendicular juncture. The spinning shelving units that were made popular not long ago are certainly an option, but still can be a pain at times. Drawers built into the corner, however, offer a much larger amount of space, absorbing the entire corner rather than having to work around it.
  • Drawer for Utensils - Rather than keep a large jar on your counter to hold your spatulas, tongs, and ladles, why not use a recessed drawer built into your cabinetry? One designed for the purpose can keep your utensils neat and organized, and also out of sight.
  • Appliance Garage - Even the name is cool! Often located at the end of your counter and built into the wall, an appliance garage is a closed off section (it looks much like just another cabinet) that holds your coffee pot, blender, mixer, or whatever else is normally sitting out and eating up counter space.
  • Mail Station - We all can relate to how kitchens can become a catch-all for mail, letters, and documents. It is very smart (and popular) to add even a small nook in your kitchen design that includes a slots for envelopes, a couple of drawers, and maybe a chair. Think of it as a miniature office spot where everything can have a place.
  • Pet Bowls - Here’s another very practical storage idea: why not build a spot into the side of your island where your pet’s food and water bowls can sit? This gives them a designated place to find their essentials, and it also keeps you from tripping over a water bowl when you come down for a midnight snack. Everybody wins!

Ask Your Remodeling Company

The list of creative ideas like these goes on and on. The links above lead you to one website where you can browse ideas and build some inspiration, but there is no substitute for sitting down with a professional remodeler and brainstorming. If you live in the Greater LA area, I hope you’ll reach out to us at Open Hand Remodeling! We would love to help with your project, from the imagination stage right through to opening and closing your appliance garage for the first time.

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