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5 Home Building and Design Tips for Southern California

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, February 16, 2015

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They say that you should never grocery shop when you’re hungry. Why? Because suddenly all of the food options seem just a bit more enticing, and you’re almost guaranteed to leave with a cart that is more full, and a wallet that is a little emptier, than you intended.

The same can be true for car shopping. Especially if you have a weakness for all things that go zoom, stopping by a dealership and perusing the latest models can be a dangerous move. Suddenly the trusty sedan is traded in, you’re comfortably cruising in a sports car, and you might have a lot of explaining to do with your significant other.

The moral of the story is, every purchasing decision, especially when it’s a large one, should be done in a calculated, well-planned way. And, this is rarely more true than when it comes to building a house. Jumping into new construction is a fun adventure, and few things are more rewarding than working with a home building professional to create a beautiful, customized space. But before you do, we’ve put together a few things to keep in mind.

5 Suggestions for How to Make the Most of Your New Home's Design 

  • Plan - This may seem simplistic, but hitting the brakes and truly thinking about what you need in a home is crucial. Talk with your home building professional as well! Discuss the feasibility of your ideas, and line up your “needs” and “wants” list with your working budget. In the long run this will help the process to be much more enjoyable.
  • Think Long-Term - Beyond just planning for right now, think about what needs your home may have to meet down the road. This will help to dictate its size and layout as well!
  • “Extra” Rooms - Having a multipurpose room can be great, but that also can sometimes be code for “I don’t know what to use this for.” Talk with your building designer, and make sure that each space is carefully accounted for. It can be very frustrating to reach the end of your project and then suddenly think of what you wish you had done!
  • Lighting - The power and beauty of adequate lighting can’t be overstated. Be sure to include plenty of outlets, and think through the strategic placement (and size) of your windows to maximize that warm, natural light.
  • Room Placement - It’s funny how things that don’t seem like a big deal when you’re looking at a blueprint suddenly can become aggravating when you’re living inside your new walls. For example, a kitchen that is far from the main entrance can look fine on paper, but what about when you’re struggling through the length of your house with an armload of groceries? Or, having your master bedroom near the living room might seem convenient at first, but what about when your family party runs late and you have to work early in the morning?

Work with a Home Building Professional That You Can Trust!

Take the time to research and find the very best builder you can. After all, you’ll be working closely with them, piloting through decisions and sustaining a valuable dialogue about how to design and create the spaces that will meet your needs perfectly.

If you live in the Southern California area, I hope you will reach out to us at Open Hand Remodeling. Yes, we provide home remodeling services, but we also offer ground-up construction, and an upbeat, hassle-free attitude while we do! It would be our pleasure to work, talk, and plan with you.

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