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5 Space-saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Older homes tend to be more modest in their square footage than new homes. In order to make everything fit, the bathrooms were one place where space was often sacrificed. Though a bathroom can sometimes be expanded by renovation, sometimes that is not practical or possible. So how can you make the most of the limited space in your small bathroom?


One great way to save space in your bathroom is with a tankless toilet (photo above). Mounted directly to the wall, this kind of toilet cuts about 20% off the amount of space the toilet takes up. It also provides a fantastic, modern look that will really stand out. In a small bathroom, every inch saved counts!

Another unique way to make better use of space in a small bathroom is with wall-mounted taps (photos above and below). These allow you to use a lower-profile sink, which reduces the amount of space taken up by your vanity.


Speaking of vanities, do you really need cabinet space under your sink? What if you had a floating sink design (photo above)? Or how about a smaller, floating vanity? If your bathroom doesn't need the cabinet space, open up some extra real estate with one of these trendy options.

Another way to make more space in a small bathroom is by getting rounded corners on your sinks or vanities (photo below). While the actual space saved is small, it feels different since you can walk closer to the wall without banging a hip.



While they are not actually creating or saving space, mirrors are one of the most effective ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger (look at the back wall in the Studio Frank photo above). Their effect on a small space is truly surprising, making them a great use of your bathroom budget dollars.

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