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5 Tips for Designing an Incredible Outdoor Living Space in the LA Area

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Investing in an outdoor living space is becoming more and more commonplace, and not just because of our incredible LA area weather (that is a benefit though!). Rather than simply add a basic deck or patio, homeowners around the country are creating nothing short of an outdoor extension of their home; a stylish, fully-functional oasis that delivers long-term value.

Doesn’t that sound great?

So, what should you consider before you get started?


Ready to Design Your Outdoor Living Space? Keep These 5 Considerations in Mind!

  • Technology - Remember, we’re no longer talking about a simple square of wood or stone, but a dynamic living space. Technological advancement has made outdoor media and entertainment a reality, including everything from weatherproof televisions and sound systems to customized lighting for just the right ambiance.
  • Outdoor Kitchen? - It’s up to you! If entertainment and cooking is a top priority, you may want to explore your outdoor cooking options. From basic grills and cooktops to fully-functional outdoor kitchens with every bell and whistle, the possibilities are endless.
  • Seating - Thinking bigger than just making sure there’s space for chairs, a professional building and home remodeling company can include creative, customized seating. This can include storage as well, perhaps by combining bench seats with enclosed areas underneath to store your essentials.
  • Size/Layout - With your specific property and budget in mind, work with your remodeler to determine the right size and layout for your needs. After all, you want to be sure it will perfectly accommodate your family and guests.
  • Materials - If your dream space does include a deck, talk to your builder about the best material to use. A wide range of synthetic and natural materials are available, and should be chosen to match your budget and interest in maintenance.

The common theme that courses through all of the tips we included above is to plan ahead. You know your lifestyle better than anyone, and exactly what is needed to make sure your outdoor space functions as it should.

And, we also hope you’re feeling inspired to think outside the box. Working with a professional builder ensures not only quality work, but also that customization is a possibility - you aren’t locked into the standard designs and features.


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