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Are Ceiling Fans Outdated? | California Remodeling Tips

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tastes change and styles evolve, some more quickly than others. There was a day when shag carpet was considered new and trendy, and later, a time when it’s reappearance would be unimaginable! For many years, stainless steel was the standard for style and modernity, and suddenly we’re moving away from it in several areas! So, what about ceiling fans? Designers these days seem to be avoiding them. Why? Are ceiling fans truly outdated?

It is true that ceiling fans have slipped in popularity, at least with professional designers. However, homeowners around the country are holding on to the idea, not just for nostalgia, but for their cooling benefits. An efficient ceiling fan can provide a pleasant cooling effect with less energy usage than the air conditioning, and it is only used in the rooms you are in, rather than the whole house at once.

If you, like many of our neighbors here in the Los Angeles area, love the benefits of a ceiling fan but don’t want to commit a fashion faux pas, here are some tips that can help you avoid the looks that home designers are avoiding.

How to Have a Ceiling Fan without Fashion Foibles

Avoid flaky brass and cheesy chrome. There are better choices today for the metal parts of your ceiling fans. White will blend nicely with the ceiling. Black is trendy and modern. Brushed nickel has a pleasant appearance, and stainless steel also looks good.

Rethink light kits. This seems to be one of the chief offenders to modern tastes. They make the ceiling fan much more bulky and tend to draw too much attention. Unless you find a fan with a truly attractive light kit, go with some other lighting method, and let your ceiling fan be just a fan.

Shun ugly blades. You know them when you see them! If it looks like it was designed in the 80’s, keep looking. There are wood-patterned blades that look very stylish, and also blades that look like wood carved in unique curves and patterns. There are metal blades, or white blades. Try to go with something that will either blend unobtrusively into the background (upground?), or something that looks stylish and fits with the rest of your décor.

Banish pull chains. Dangly and awkward, designers tend to object to the way pull chains draw attention to themselves and to the fans. Instead, you can get fans that are controlled by remote control, by wall switches, or over your WI-FI connection. Some fans even come with an occupancy sensor, so they turn on when people are in the room, and turn off when the room is empty.

Say Adiós to oversized fans. A small room can easily be overwhelmed by a large ceiling fan. There are charts available to help you determine the best fan size for your room. For example, in a room with walls less than 12 feet long, you should not use a fan with more than a 3-foot diameter.

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