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Best Spring and Summer Home Improvement Projects in Pasadena, CA

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, March 09, 2016

It’s not summer…yet. But with spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of those home improvement projects you want to tackle in the summer. What home renovations are best to do in the warmer months? And how should you be preparing now so that you can get the most out of your time (while staying in your house remodel cost budget)? Read below for a Top 10 list of summer renovations!

10. Install new windows

The best way to enjoy the bright, cheerful days of summer even from the inside is with a new set of windows. New windows will help you save on cooling bills in the summer, and will get you prepared to save on heating bills in the winter.

9. Restain your deck

A perfect day project, give your deck a facelift with a new stain and you’ll be ready for the next barbeque!

8. Build an outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking for a big project, this is it. No one wants to be trapped in the kitchen with a pre-heating oven when it’s 90 degrees outside. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able prepare and enjoy your meals outside for several months of the year.

7. Add a firepit

For those summer nights that you don’t want to end, a firepit makes the perfect backyard addition. Keep the conversation flowing around a crackling fire, and when cooler evenings come in the fall and winter, you’ll still be able to enjoy your backyard.

6. Install a ceiling fan (or fans)

Electricity bills can spike in the summer. While you may not be able to get away from using your air conditioner altogether, you can cut back on its use (and make airflow more efficient) by installing ceiling fans.

5. Install a stone walkway

Whether you want to have it lead up to your front porch, your deck, or as a pathway through a garden, the summer is the ideal time to do some relatively easy hardscaping and make your yard really stand out.

4. Build a tree bench

By building a circular bench around one of your trees, you’ll have a great extra place to sit, read and relax. It’s especially nice for mornings when you want to be outside but the grass is a little too damp!

3. Replace your siding

Summertime is a great time to make sure that the siding on your house can handle the elements when the winter or rainy season comes. Updating your siding gives your house instant curb appeal and protects you against the elements (whenever they come).

2. Repair your gutters

The last thing you want is soggy, smelly leaves and debris wreaking havoc on your gutters. Aside from cleaning your gutters, it’s important to check them for leaks and holes -- otherwise, you may be looking at a gutter coming loose at the worst possible time. Make sure that your gutters are good to go.

1. Build a deck or porch

If you don’t have a deck or a porch, now is the time to change that! Whether you prefer a small front stoop or a sprawling, wooden masterpiece, a deck or porch gives you a place to congregate, grill, and watch the sunset with family and friends (not to mention what it does for resale value).

If you want to fully enjoy your Pasadena summer, make plans for your next strategic summer home improvement today. Open Hand’s team of general contractors and home improvement contractors are highly skilled professionals that can tackle any project, any season. Whether you’re looking for home renovation advice, home renovation estimates, or you’re ready for a complete home renovation, they can help. Contact them today!

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