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Can I Convert My Garage into Living Space?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

If your family is feeling a squeeze and you need more living space, it is important that you give careful consideration to all options. Should you move to a bigger house? Expand the house you're in? Or is there a part of your home that you can re-purpose to become living space? One option that many families end up choosing is a garage conversion. But how do you know if remodeling a garage into living space is the best option for you?

Advantages of Converting a Garage Into Living Space

Cost: Since your garage already has a foundation, four walls and a roof, the cost of labor and materials for these essential items is greatly reduced. You are renovating an existing space, rather than creating a new one, so the cost is likely to be about half that of an addition.

Time involved: With many aspects of the project already existing, a garage conversion can be completed much faster than a room addition.

Less design and permit requirements: A garage conversion will not involve nearly as much planning and permitting as it does to create a new space.

Footprint: When you convert your garage into living space, the overall dimensions of your house do not change. This means you don't reduce your outdoor space or change the look of your home from the outside (at least, not as much).

Factors to Consider with a Garage Conversion

What will you do with your vehicles, tools, bikes, etc? You don't want to end up meeting one need while creating a new one.

What will the space be used for? A bedroom, home office, or living room can be a very cost-effective conversion. However, a bathroom or kitchen (or anything involving plumbing) will increase the price considerably.

How will you heat and/or cool it? Your existing ducts will need to be connected to this space, or you will need to install other climate control solutions.

Avoid cutting corners. If you don't make the investment of properly insulating, putting in windows, and using quality tradespeople, your garage conversion will not live up to what you hope for it. You're already saving money by converting the garage rather than creating an addition. Don't try to keep your costs down so low that the whole project is not worthwhile.

The Bottom Line

Talk to your remodeling company about all your options. Find out the benefits and costs of each idea, and try to weigh them out objectively. Sometimes the cheapest option is the best one, but often a marginally larger investment will significantly increase your satisfaction.

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