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Choosing a Patio Cover - Ongoing Remodeling Project in West LA

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, October 27, 2014

patio cover options west LA
patio cover options west LA

Back in June we shared a photo of a house we’re remodeling in West LA. The purpose behind sharing the picture and information was to remind you that we don’t only take on smaller jobs specific to a certain area in your house, but are also equipped to transform an entire home as part of our home remodeling and General Contractor services.

As progress is continuing and we recently covered the patio, I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss your patio cover options.

Which Patio Cover is Right for You?

When you think of a patio cover, your mind probably jumps automatically to a solid roof. As you can see in the above pictures, however, this particular homeowner went with an attractive, Pergola style roof with open slats.

The downside to this style is that it is not as readily wired with such amenities as an overhead fan or light, for example. Also, it won't keep you dry in a rainstorm! On the other hand, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • When the weather is nice, it provides some shade without letting in the sun at full strength
  • Creates more of an open atmosphere, eliminating trapped heat and any feeling of stuffiness
  • A useful design to choose if you have outdoor plants that need some sunlight, but would dry out quickly in direct light


No matter which style you ultimately decide to make your own, the important thing to remember is that you have options! Your project should reflect not only your practical needs, but also contribute to the overall look you have in mind. 

Do You Need a Remodeling Company?

If so, I hope you might consider contacting us at Open Hand Remodeling! As mentioned before, we can help with projects both large and small, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sorry, We're Not Accepting New Projects Right Now

At the moment we are not able to take on any new project requests till further notice. If you are an existing client please contact your assigned project manager directly. Thank you, wishing You a blessed day.

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