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Designing a Breakfast Nook for Your LA Kitchen

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Does your home currently have a perfect place for you to start the day with your morning cup of coffee? What about a place for the kids to gather to do homework while you make dinner? From Sunday morning brunch to casual visits with family and friends a breakfast nook is a great addition to your LA home.

Let’s explore some elements you might want to incorporate when designing your ideal breakfast nook.


San Francisco Remodel

When you picture the perfect spot for your morning cup of coffee we are willing to bet it involves plenty of natural light. Having a bank of windows is a great way to let your eating area soak up every bit of sunlight possible. Don’t currently have room for all those extra windows? A breakfast nook is a great place to bump out the footprint of your kitchen.

While you’re planning your lighting, don’t forget to add statement lighting above your table. Whether you opt for something simpler or more decorative, a great fixture will help your breakfast nook stand out while providing plenty of light well into the evening.


What They Did

One fear many homeowners adding an eat-in area to their kitchen is the loss of storage space. This concern is easily addressed by incorporating storage into built-in seating. Benches can be designed with drawers or open shelving to house books or baskets. (Houzz is a great place to see how other homeowners have added storage to their breakfast nooks in creative and beautiful ways.)

Custom Seating

Oliver Street

And speaking of built-in benches, breakfast nooks are a great place create some fantastic, custom seating. Custom bench cushions, layered pillows, or a repurposed church pew are all ways to inject personality and visual interest into your LA kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen or give your existing kitchen an update, adding a breakfast nook is a smart investment in your home. For help designing and building the kitchen of your dreams contact us today.

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