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Garage Apartment Conversion in Culver City

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Garage Apartment Conversion
Garage Apartment Conversion
Garage Apartment Conversion

Multi-family homes are growing in popularity now across the country. This is partly due to the ever-climbing cost of living; why not share expenses any way you can? These separate living areas can be in the form of traditional duplexes, loft apartments, finished basements, etc…

But what if you don’t have an existing, designated space to put an apartment, but still would like one for either a rental income or as a place for a family member to move in (without needing to share your bathroom)?

Do You Have a Garage?

If you can spare the storage and, of course, can park your car elsewhere, why not consider converting your garage into an apartment? Take a look at the photos of this project we finished recently in Culver City.

Thanks to efficient usage of space, this garage was transformed into a fully functioning, stylish apartment, complete with kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t feel like a garage either! This is due in large part to the cathedral ceiling and the skylights’ supply of natural, bright light.

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