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Home Project Basics: When to Call the Experts

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Thursday, March 03, 2016

There’s a lot of appeal to a DIY project. But when it comes to your next home remodeling project, it’s good to know when to go solo and when to call in the experts. How do you know the difference? Read on to find out when you should call in the professionals.

You’ve Never Done This Project

There are plenty of times to learn new things, and sometimes, a big home improvement project isn’t one of those times. If you’ve never replaced countertop, installed cabinetry, knocked down a wall, or built your own outdoor kitchen, your house might not be the place to practice. Trying out a home project you’ve never done before almost guarantees that you’ll run into issues you hadn’t anticipated. These issues could be minor problems, like having to make more runs to the hardware store than you expected, or having to re-do your nailgun work, or they could also be major, like running into potentially dangerous electrical or structural issues you didn’t anticipate. In these cases, you’ll definitely want a home improvement contractor.

You Have a Strict Budget

This might seem counterintuitive: usually, we go the DIY route to, at least in part, save money. The trouble with some DIY projects, though, is that the costs can mount unexpectedly, and your house remodel costs go through the roof (no pun intended). You could start off with a specific budget, but thirteen trips to the hardware store later, you’ll wonder where all your money went. Money can also slip through the cracks quickly if you make a mistake and have to re-do or touch up your work: it means (at least) twice the supplies, time, and manpower. And don’t discount the small ways money can get away from you: bribing friends or family to help out with promises of free pizza seems more economical than hiring a general contractor, but that’s only if you don’t have to call on them again and again.

You want to avoid a worst-case scenario where you’ve spent time, money, and labor on a home renovation, only to discover too late that you need professional assistance. Then that initial investment is gone, and all you’ll have to show for your initiative will be splinters and empty pizza boxes.

If you know you have a specific budget, you can go through it with a general contractor or a professional team. They can tell you what can happen realistically within that budget and you don’t have to worry about the extra expenses that come from DIY accidents.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

You probably have a basic handyman set, but often, the projects you’re undertaking may require more advanced tools that you’ll need to purchase or rent. If it’s one tool that you know you’ll use in the future, then it may not be a bad investment. But lots of home projects require several one-off tools that can destroy your budget with a single purchase. And even if the project you have in mind doesn’t require the purchase of a dozen major power tools, you might encounter sticker shock with the basics you need just to prep your project.

It Needs To Be Done Right

If you’re messing with something big, make sure it’s done right. Creating an open-floor plan, painting the exterior of your home, re-roofing the house, building an outdoor stone deck or adding a home addition are all major projects that will affect not only the look and feel of your home, but its resale value and (occasionally) structural integrity, too. Save the DIY for small projects: if you’re doing something big, or if it’s something that can’t afford to go wrong, you can’t afford to do it yourself.

No matter your project, big or small, indoors or outdoors, Open Hand Remodeling has the team to make it happen. For the sake of your sanity, your time, your budget, and your safety, go with the professionals from the start. Contact Open Hand Remodeling today.

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