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Home Remodeling Options: Soundproof Drywall (Sound-reducing Drywall)

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Saturday, November 04, 2017

Have you ever wished your home office was a little more isolated from the joyful noises of family life? Or that your bedroom was a bit more of an oasis from traffic sounds? Or that you could do more to block out the sound of planes from one of Los Angeles' many airports? If any of these strike a nerve, then soundproof drywall might be a great option for your home remodeling project!

Relatively new on the home improvement market, sound-reducing drywall has quickly been gaining popularity. Movie theaters have used it for blocking sounds between viewing rooms, but homeowners and business owners are also finding it to be worth the investment. Soundproof drywall is now available from numerous companies, including QuietRock, CertainTeed, Homasote, and more. 

Does Sound-Reducing (Soundproof) Drywall Work?

Yes! Various companies offer slightly different products, ranged in quality and price, so we need to begin by saying that not all soundproof drywall performs the same. However, the entry-level (in other words, cheapest) options generally block out sound equivalent to eight layers of standard drywall. Installing a higher-end soundproof drywall will produce even more dramatic results.

It is important to note that, while this product is popularly called "soundproof," it is more accurate to call it "sound-reducing" drywall. No drywall can produce 100% sound blockage, but noise can be drastically reduced by using this type of product. That's why we use both terms in this article.

How Does Soundproof Drywall Work?

In order to absorb noise, sound-reducing drywall has a layer in the center that has very high energy-absorbtion properties. Generally made of a rubber-like polymer, this layer is sandwiched between thin layers of standard drywall on the front and back of the sheet. The overall thickness of the product is still the same as normal drywall.

Soundproof drywall works just like regular drywall in terms of how it is cut and installed. It can be scored and snapped using a utility knife, installed with typical drywall screws, and then taped and mudded just like a regular wall.

An excellent side benefit to sound-reducing drywall is that it is a good insulator. The same polymer layer that absorbs sound waves and prevents their transmission also inhibits heat transfer. Soundproof drywall insulates twice as well as plywood, and nearly three times better than standard drywall. Of course, this can't replace regular insulation inside your walls, but it is a nice bonus when you install soundproof drywall.

Installing Sound-Reducing Drywall

If you are considering a home renovation or remodeling project in the Los Angeles area, talk to us about using sound-reducing drywall. Though it is more expensive than conventional drywall, it has significant benefits that may make it worthwhile to you. If you want, it could be used just in certain parts of your home, such as a bedroom or a home office.

Sound-reducing drywall is also a great option for commercial buildings, ensuring better privacy in all kinds of offices, including lawyers, doctors, and corporate settings. Additionally, soundproof drywall is excellent for recording studios of all kinds.

Open Hand Remodeling is an experienced remodeling contractor serving the Los Angeles region. We can install and finish sound-reducing drywall (and the regular kind!) in any kind of structure. Contact us today to begin discussing your renovation project!

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