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How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Two huge factors for any remodeling project are, of course, time and money. We all have limited amounts of both that we are willing to spend, so it makes sense that you would want to know exactly how much of each a task will require.

Let’s start with a look at time.

It might surprise you to hear this, but a quality bathroom remodel can actually be accomplished in as little as two weeks. How? Take a look!

Remodeled vs. Reconfigured - What’s the Difference?


Reconfiguring your bathroom means that the actual structure and layout will change. This involves more in-depth work, adapting the systems of the room to your new design. In turn, this increases the investment of time and expense.

Remodeling, however, doesn’t necessarily include reconfiguring. It instead involves changing the existing materials and style, but not always shuffling the features of the space. The shower is still where the original shower was located, the vanity/sink is in the same place, the toilet hasn’t moved, etc.

The benefit of not needing to redirect and modify the major systems is that it allows the cost and time to be kept to a minimum.

Be Sure to Choose an Experienced, Reputable Bathroom Remodeler


Another key component in a smooth, efficient bathroom remodeling process is choosing a professional who has the infrastructure to meet your needs. Quality should never be sacrificed since your remodel is a direct investment in your home, but a skilled team should be able to quickly transform your bathroom to meet your exact specifications and design goals.

If you live in Southern California, we hope that you will reach out to us at Open Hand Remodeling! It would truly be our pleasure to serve you, and provide you with a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.

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