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How to Create That Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The country-style kitchen is making a big resurgence, often with a modern twist. Curious how other homeowners achieve that classic country look? Read below to learn about easy ways to give yourself the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams.

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

A staple of farmhouse style kitchens is the farmhouse kitchen sink. Also known as an apron sink, the farmhouse sink is a relic of the past that is making a significant comeback. The term “apron” is used for the way that the front of the sink sticks out slightly from the surrounding countertop or cabinet, making it more ergonomic and accessible. Farmhouse sinks are designed to be utilitarian; they were meant to be used for everything from bathing children to washing clothes to preparing dinner, and their spaciousness is a major selling point. The modern-day farmhouse sink is being reimagined in all styles and materials, from porcelain to copper.

Open Air

One thing that sets apart modern country kitchens is their openness. This is often achieved with an open floor plan. Floors or partitions between the home’s primary living space (kitchen, living room and dining room) are knocked down, creating one large, open-air space. Open air plans are ideal for families, for entertaining, and for achieving a spacious feel. The farmhouse kitchen highlights the kitchen as the centerpoint of the home as a place to gather, to prepare food, and to entertain.

White Painted Cabinets

White painted kitchen cabinets are a hallmark of the country style kitchen. They help make the kitchen feel open and fresh, and are easy to decorate around with your chosen accessories. For example, incorporate rustic design elements like old watering cans and mason jar decor. Many homeowners use the white of their cabinets as the guiding factor for their entire kitchen, with white walls and white accent pieces, such kitchen stools or hand-painted glass milk bottles.

Open Shelving

Are you sensing a theme here? Modern farmhouse kitchens are all about openness, and this extends to shelving. Open shelving allows you to artfully display your plates, pots, and pans. It also gives you an opportunity to have some fun with shelving material: mix it up with glass-front custom kitchen cabinets for some of your kitchen, or open-air reclaimed wood for some floating shelves above the sink.

For every detail of your kitchen, from the flooring to the cabinets, and the island to the sinks, the kitchen contractors at Open Hand Remodeling can give you the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you prefer bits and pieces of the country-style kitchen, or whether you want to explore entire kitchen remodel ideas, Open Hand has the team for you. For a free estimate, contact us today. Your Pasadena home doesn’t have to be a farmhouse for your kitchen to have the warm simplicity of a modern farmhouse kitchen.

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