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How to Pair Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, October 17, 2016

Picking out finishes and fixtures for your new bathroom should be a fun process. After all, you’re designing the new space you’ve been dreaming of for months, if not years! But mixing tiles is a task that can leave even the most decisive homeowners a little uncertain. Just like with mixing patterns, combining different varieties of tile in a bathroom is more of an art than an exact science. Luckily, we’ve got some foolproof formulas to help take the guess work out of the process.

Four Easy Tricks to Mix Tile Like a Pro

Balance Tile Size

Washington Street - 2

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and while you can certainly repeat most standard tile shapes, like squares or rectangles, it is generally a good idea to mix up the size of the tile you use. For example, if you’re installing a smaller penny tile on the walls of your shower, like in the bathroom above, you’ll be better off using a larger sized tile for the bathroom floor. Using two different tiles of the same size would have felt busy and off balance.

Utilize Neutral Patterns

Solid colored tiles are obvious neutrals in a bathroom, but did you know that the subtle variations in most natural stone tile can also serve as a neutral? Think of marble, slate, and travertine the same way you would black or white tiles, and your design possibilities will open up.

Stick to a Common Tile Color

Modern Master bathroom

This bathroom mixes multiple types of tile effectively, because they are all in the same color family. A combination of all white tile is the simplest way to pull off this monochromatic look, but feel free to experiment with combining different tile materials and shapes in a color other than white.

Pick a Statement Tile

Spring Lake Beach Chic

It takes a lot of skill to combine two or more varieties of tile that really stand out and make them work well together. Let mosaics, patterned, brightly colored, or unusually shaped tiles take center stage by keeping the other tilework in your bathroom more subdued.

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