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Ideas for Your Southern California Landscaping and Hardscaping

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Sunday, September 09, 2018

Would you like to spruce up your outdoor space, or give your yard a new look? There are lots of ways to make exciting changes to your landscaping, whether you are simply hoping to refresh your current appearance, or you are hoping to completely remodel your outdoor area. Here are some ideas and considerations before you design your landscaping project.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Tips

Pick a Uniting Theme

Before you start choosing individual features that you want to be included in your landscape, harscaping companies advise that you choose an overall look or style you’re happy with. If you first choose individual elements and then try to fit them together, it might turn out to be awkward, mismatched, or impractical.

Water Usage

Here in Southern California with our minimal amounts of rain, it is very important to consider the amount of water your plants will require. You should consider whether you’re going to water your flowers and plants by hand, or install a watering system, or buy plants that don’t need to be watered. This includes succulents and other cactus-like plants, as well as some grasses. Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender and Sage are all relatively low-water herbs, so they fit well in hardscaping, as well as being tasteful and tasty.  

Maintenance Required

When you are putting in plants, hardscape contractors sugest that you bear in mind the amount of maintenance they will take. Besides watering, you might need to weed your flower beds or trim your bushes. Research the amount of work the plant you’re putting in will take, because you don’t want to get more plants than you want to take care of. If this happens, your landscaping may get out of hand and your yard will not be at all improved.

Walkways and Seating

Paving stone paths in a garden are very inviting, beautiful, and practical. Why not add some to your landscape? They are not very expensive or work-intensive, and they are a lovely way to enjoy you yard! You could also include benches, arbors, or a gazebo. Consider whether your goal is a pleasant place to sit, to walk, or to entertain guests. 


Especially if you have a gazebo or a pagoda, you might want to think about lighting. You can easily have your hardscaping company install beautiful lighting that can make a big difference to how your garden looks, particularly in the evening.  

Landscaping and Hardscaping Pros in Southern California

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