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Incorporating Open Concept Design Into Your Pasadena Kitchen

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The open concept design is a popular home remodeling idea for many reasons. For one, it creates the illusion of more space by clearing your line of sight. In other words, with no walls to stop your vision, you’re able to see more. Removing walls increases your space without having to add on to the room.

Open floor plans also allow you to show off your home, make entertaining easier, and are great for families: it’s much easier to keep an eye on the kids with one large living space.

Incorporating an open concept design often means making the kitchen the star of your home. So if you’re considering an open floor plan, or you’ve already implemented one and now you’re looking for ways to make your space shine, read on! We’ve got tips for the best ways to make your kitchen amenable to an open floor plan.

All About Island

If you look at pictures of open concept kitchens, there’s one thing you’ll notice in most of them: an island. These are functional as well as stylish. Eliminating walls sometimes means eliminating cabinet, counter, and/or storage space. A large island can take on all of those needs. With storage underneath and a large counter surface on top, it lends itself perfectly to the open concept design.

You can make your island go to work for you in more ways than just storage and countertop space. It’s easy to include a sink, and some homeowners even choose to include a stove top range as part of the island. It’s all up to you and what works best for your kitchen.

Breakfast Bars

The other built-in benefit of an island is that it almost automatically creates a breakfast bar on the other side. Simply add fun stools and you’ll be spending more time in the kitchen than you ever did before. Despite the name, a breakfast bar is much more than that: it does create a casual area perfect for breakfast, but it also lends itself to the open concept design. It invites others to join the chef in the kitchen by adding extra seating, and it makes the perfect spot to serve appetizers at your next party. Even if you decide not to build a full-fledged, multi-functional island in your kitchen, a breakfast bar is nearly a must.

Smart Cabinetry

As we alluded to before, utilizing an open concept design may mean sacrificing some storage space. While there are plenty of ways to solve that problem, you definitely want to be smart with the cabinet or wall space that you do have. Floor to ceiling cabinets, especially in white, create a striking backdrop to your open kitchen, and are highly functional. Using your vertical space to some degree is definitely a must, and since more eyes will be on your kitchen with an open floor plan, now may be the time to replace them with custom kitchen cabinets (or at least reface them)!

If you want to incorporate an open floor plan in your home, or if you want to make the one you have look and work better, contact Open Hand Remodeling today. From cabinets to islands, Open Hand Remodeling has the team of kitchen contractors for all of your kitchen kitchen and home remodeling needs.

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