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Kitchen Backsplash Design and Material Ideas

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, March 16, 2015

backsplash design and materials

There is no denying that kitchens have become one of the most popular outlets for creativity in the world of home customization. No longer just the place where dinner is made, your kitchen can be a true showplace, regardless of the size of the space or your budget. This is partly due to the fact that there are so many different popular looks right now, ranging from wild and eclectic to the crisp modern style of dark colors and stainless steel.

The kitchen backsplash has also enjoyed fresh popularity these days. Home builders and remodelers are asked to customize, create, and install a wide variety of designs with an equally broad range of materials. While the look may vary, the goal is the same: to add an extra pop of texture, color, and beauty to your kitchen.

With that in mind, the question is often asked: what kind of backsplash should I choose?

What Kind of Backsplashes Are There?

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the options you have to choose from:

  • Stone – The most popular kinds of stone include marble and granite, and for good reason! This material can make a beautiful, unique backsplash because of the individual colors and patterns that stone offers.
  • Glass – Because of how it loves to play with light, glass creates an attractive, sparkly appearance. This choice is also very easy to keep clean! And, for an even more custom look, you can try a glass mosaic pattern.
  • Metal – This is a true workhorse, creating an industrial, high-power look. Aside from just a stainless steel option, however, there also are a variety of patterned materials available, as well as custom patinas.
  • Ceramic tile – Resistant to stain and with a wide spectrum of colors and styles to choose from, ceramic tile is a wonderful, customizable option. As we’ve discussed before (check that blog out here), the famous “subway tile” is one of the most popular, providing a rugged, timeless, glazed surface.
  • Porcelain tile – Because it is made from compressed porcelain dust, porcelain tile is tough, stands up to scrubbing, and can be purchased in a variety of finishes.
  • Wood – While typically the backsplash creates a point of stylish contrast with cabinetry, a wood backsplash can be very attractive. This is especially popular for classic country styling.
  • Plastic – If you are thinking about tackling a DIY kitchen update, there are many options for plastic backsplashes with an adhesive backing that can be simple cut to size and applied. This can be a fun, budget-friendly project!

Talk to Your Home Building and Remodeling Professional!

The best way to make sure that you make a knowledgeable choice of backsplash is to discuss your goals, relating to both budget and style, with your home professional. If you are located in the Greater LA area, I hope you might contact us at Open Hand Remodeling! We would love to discuss your project, and to help make every step of the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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