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Kitchen Cabinets that Reach the Ceiling

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kitchens that have been built or remodeled in recent years are seeing a consistent trend toward cabinets that reach to the ceiling. For many years it was common to have a gap between the top of the upper kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. Often this was used as a space to display or store items that were not frequently used. New kitchen remodels are often closing this gap, however, and having the upper cabinets visually meet up with the ceiling.

Why the Trend Toward Tall Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many reasons for this trend in kitchen remodeling, ranging from aesthetic to practical. One of the most common reasons that those who are remodeling their kitchen choose cabinetry that reaches to the ceiling is the clean, modern look. The tops of kitchen cabinets, when left open, are famous for collecting large amounts of dust and grease over time. When the cabinets reach the ceiling, it eliminates the need for cleaning cabinet tops and the cluttered feel that this open storage space can create. The taller cabinets instead give us crisp, long lines which can feel not only cleaner, but also more simple and peaceful.

Another benefit to the taller cabinets can be additional storage space that is enclosed.  This allows less frequently-used items to be kept out of sight and away from dust.  For those who have items that they would like to display in their kitchens, there are glass-fronted cabinets and lights which can create beautiful display areas, while still enjoying the benefits of ceiling high cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling Options for Tall Cabinets

Just like there are various reasons for choosing cabinets that reach the ceiling, there are various ways of achieving this look. If you are doing kitchen remodeling, there are many options you can consider for beautiful cabinets that reach your ceiling. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may want to consider simply using trim and crown molding to close the gap between the tops of your upper cabinets and the ceiling. This option does not create usable storage or display space but can be cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. For some kitchens, installing tall cabinets that fill the full height to the ceiling can be an excellent option. 

If you are doing a kitchen remodel and your kitchen ceiling is not even, you may need to use various trim options to avoid a visibly wavy line where the cabinets and ceiling meet.  A remodeling contractor can help to talk you through various options for trim and what would work best in your kitchen. Other beautiful options include stacking another set of shorter cabinets above the upper cabinets to fill in the gap, or building custom-fit shelving into those spaces to suit your specific goals.

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