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Kitchen Sink Styles

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Has your kitchen sink seen better days? Are you looking for something that will complement your kitchen while being both beautiful and functional? Whether you’re designing a whole new kitchen or simply updating a few fixtures, there are plenty of great options when you’re looking for a new kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Types

Drop-In/Self-Rimming Sink

Repurposing a salvaged sink

One of the easiest types of sinks to install, this style gets mounted directly into an opening on the counter. This is an affordable options that is available in stainless steel, porcelain, or cast iron. A drawback to this type of sink is that the raised rim can be more difficult to clean than some other varieties.

Undermount Sink

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The seamless look of an undermount sink allows the countertop to remain the focus and makes for easy clean-up. Installation is more involved than with a drop-in sink, so this style is typically installed by a professional. This is a very popular choice in kitchen remodels right now.

Farmhouse/Apron Sink

3rd Street Bungalow

Another popular choice for new or remodelled kitchens these days. The farmhouse sink is exposed in the front with a deep basin that is handy for washing large pots or cookie sheets. This sink is usually undermounted, requiring a more customized fit by a professional, and will need to be mounted to a nonporous countertop.

Corner Sink

Dallas Uptown Hi Rise

If you’re short on counter space the corner sink can be a practical, space-saving solution. It is less commonly seen in kitchens but works well with L- or U-shaped countertops. Corner sinks come in drop-in or undermount styles.

Single vs. Double Sink Bowl

Choosing between a single or double basin sink can be tricky. Both options offer some great benefits and have their drawbacks. A single basin is typically deeper and has plenty of space for washing large pots and pans. They also take up less counter space than most double basins, which is great if your kitchen is on the small side.

Double basins, however, offer the option of washing dishes in one side while using the other side as a place to dry or soak dishes. Having two basins can be especially helpful during food prep. The basins on this style of sink can either be equal in size and depth or vary the size and depth.

Your New Kitchen Sink

With so many different options in mounting styles and number of basins there is sure to be a perfect sink for all of your needs. Looking around at kitchens on sites like Houzz is a great way to hone in on the style you like best. Once you have a look in mind though, we recommend seeing sinks in person to get a feel for the size, depth, and basin layout you prefer.

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