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Planning a Home Remodel? Here’s How to Find an Awesome Contractor

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Friday, May 19, 2017

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Let’s face it: finding a great contractor isn’t always easy.


When it comes to something as important as your home, you deserve to work with a builder or remodeler who will treat you, your property, and your goals with the utmost respect.

How can you really be sure you’ve found the right professional to manage your project? Here are a few practical tips for what to both value and look for in your search.


5 Tips for Finding a Quality Building and Remodeling Contractor

#1 Trust Your Intuition

Sure, first impressions can’t always be trusted, but in most cases you should listen to your gut. If you meet with your prospective professional and just don’t come away with a good, confident feeling, it’s likely not a good fit. This is someone you need to be able to trust and collaborate closely with.

#2 Punctuality and Organization

Before you even receive your estimate, take note of how your calls are responded to, whether or not your meetings are kept in a timely, punctual fashion, and if you can see a level of focus and organization. If your contractor seems flustered, scattered, or obviously busy, there is a good chance that your project just won’t be treated as a priority.

#3 Clear, Detailed Estimates Are Essential

Every step, process, material, and cost needs to be outlined in an orderly fashion. Don’t just take their word for it, or assume that something will or will not be included. Your estimate is your guide and agreement for the entire home improvement process to come.

#4 Are They Licensed and Insured?

If not, cross them right off your list. This is absolutely essential, as a lack of coverage could leave you liable for any potential workplace accidents or mishaps.

#5 Ask to See Examples of Their Work, References, and Reviews

This is an opportunity to check for online reviews as well. If you see a couple of negative ones in the list, look for a response and see how it was handled. Was it defensive, negative, or inflammatory? Or, was it a professional, clear explanation of what went wrong and how a resolution could be achieved?

Sometimes negative reviews can tell you just as much as positive ones about the level of professionalism and accountability you can expect.


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