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Quick Steps for Senior-Friendly Bathroom Remodels

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Thursday, January 07, 2016

What do caring for elderly relatives and increasing the resale value of your home have in common? One thing: both benefit from a senior-friendly bathroom remodel. While senior-friendly bathroom remodeling may not sound like the most thrilling home remodel available, making a bathroom accessible for seniors can actually involve some of the sleekest and most modern bathroom design choices available today, as well as boost your home’s value.

Whether you have older parents or grandparents living with you, or whether you need to make the bathroom more accessible for yourself or spouse, making your bathroom accessible to all ages is a remodeling choice that more and more homeowners are making. To learn about how to make your bathroom safe and stylish at the same time, read on below.

No Stairs - No Problem

Before you start making a list of bathroom makeover ideas, consider this: at least one of the bathrooms should be located on the main floor, and it should be easy to access without having to bother with stairs. If your home doesn’t have a bathroom on the main floor, it’s worth considering a bathroom addition.

No-Threshold Showers

A no-threshold shower makes for seamless entrances and exits, thus eliminating any tripping hazard. Besides safety, it’s also a crucial step in making your bathroom seem more open and modern. Whether you’re preparing your home so that you or a loved one can age in place or just looking for a modern upgrade to your bathroom that can be enjoyed at any age, a no-threshold shower is a great option.


No-threshold showers help solve one of the most important aspects of a senior-friendly bathroom: the need for space. As we age, we can come with more equipment, whether that’s wheelchairs, canes, or walkers, and the more space available to accommodate these devices, the better. Even if the senior you have in mind still travels light, a more spacious bathroom is easier to navigate for everyone. Knocking down walls, expanding the space, and doing away with the tub or incorporating design choices like no-threshold showers are ways that you can add space to your bathroom.


Since aging can involve extra equipment, it stands to reason that a bathroom that’s amenable to seniors should come with some equipment too. Some easy additions include a seat-extender for the toilet and grab bars on the walls to help prevent slipping.

If you or someone you love in the Pasadena area needs to add or update a senior-friendly bathroom, contact Open Hand Remodeling. They’re home redesign experts that will work with you from conception to implementation, from renovating a small bathroom to a complete bathroom remodel providing the highest quality professional services to make your senior-friendly bathroom the best seat in the house.

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