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Regrets to Avoid with Your Home Remodeling Project

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, June 20, 2016

Do you have ideas for a home remodeling project, but don’t want to end up regretting your choices? It’s easy to do, but with a little research, you can end up with a finished result you’ll want to show off to everyone. Read on for things to avoid with home remodeling.

Making All Your Choices from a Screen

When it comes to home remodeling, there are lots of useful apps and websites that can help you envision the remodeling choices you want to make, from paint colors to room layouts. And while this is a great starting point, making all of your decisions based solely on an app is not the wisest choice. There will inevitably be differences from what you see on your screen to what ends up in your living room. Feel free to use apps and websites for early phases of dreaming and scheming, but when you’re ready to draw up serious plans, call a general contractor. They can ensure that the idea in your head is what actually ends up in your living room (or bathroom or kitchen).

Going Too Trendy

If you consider yourself someone who’s always ahead of the curve in design, from your personal style to your home, and you don’t mind spending money and time on a trend or fad that may be out of style soon, then this section isn’t for you. But if you tend to have more traditional tastes (or you want to have a home that’s re-sale ready) and you’re tempted by a whacky new design you’ve seen somewhere, take some time to think about it before committing. Orange and pink striped walls or cabinets made of granite may look fun on that blog you’re reading, but consider if you’ll still like these trends one year (or five) down the road. And also think about how much work, time and money it may take to reverse those decisions if you need to sell your home. It’s fine to have fun, and important to have a home that reflects your personal style. At the same time, safe choices like white kitchen cabinets can be a relief to the eye and the budget.


Big home remodeling projects can take a long time; often more time than you’re expecting. You may have assumed that the custom kitchen island you wanted to build would be done in a weekend, and two weeks later, you may be feeling frustrated. The biggest mistake homeowners can make when their project is taking longer than expected is to rush or cut corners to finish things out. Using a home improvement contractor from the start can help not only to give you a realistic time frame for your project, but also make sure that every step of your project -- from first cut to last coat -- is done with the highest quality.

Not Calling the Professionals

DIY is a fine choice for many projects, but when it comes to your home, it’s best to leave most things to the experts. If it’s a big project, like a room addition, a new roof or a complete bathroom remodel, it should go without saying that you need to go with the professionals from the start. On top of all of the other reasons you want a professional handling big projects: best use of time, money, lasting quality, etc., there are safety concerns involved when you’re knocking down walls or making big installs. But using a professional from the start for “smaller” projects like installing a sink in your bathroom or refacing your kitchen cabinets, guarantees that you won’t have any regrets that DIY homeowners often run into, including spending more time and money than you expected for a project that ends up requiring a professional to fix it anyway.

If you live in Pasadena, avoid all of these regrets by starting off your project with Open Hand Remodeling. From the smallest idea to the largest home remodel, our contractors specialize in regret-free home remodeling.

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