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Should I Get a Ducted or Ductless Range Hood? Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Friday, October 20, 2017

Range hoods are no longer the simple, utilitarian vent they used to be. Coming now in a myriad of styles and materials, range vents can truly be a showcase of your kitchen design! While some of the hood vent choices are simply a matter of preference, others truly impact the basic function of your kitchen. One of those choices is whether to get a ducted or a ductless range hood

Ducted vs Ductless Range Hoods

Most designers and chefs would agree that a ducted range hood is superior to the ductless models in several ways:

Moisture and heat reduction: A ducted vent sends the steam and heat of your cooking through a duct and right out of the house, keeping your kitchen cooler and drier. A ductless model filters the particles out of the cooking area, but the heat and moisture stay in the room.

Odor reduction: Because a ducted hood sends all air directly outside, most of the cooking smells are sent with it. A ductless hood can filter out some of the smell, but much more of that bacon or onion smell will remain to spread through the house. Of course, if your food smells good, this may be a plus!

Grease capture: Airborne grease from cooking can tend to settle on walls and cabinets, creating a layer that needs to be cleaned fairly often. A ducted range hood does a great job blowing this greasy air outside. A ductless hood vent also captures much of that greasy air and filters out the grease, though its performance will usually be less impressive than that of a ducted model.

Maintenance: Ductless range hoods have a filter to capture airborne particles. In order to maintain their performance, you need to change or clean the filter periodically. 

Noise: A ducted range vent often makes less fan noise because it does not have to pull the air through a filter, while the ducted version needs more power to operate.

If Ducted Vents Work Better, Why Choose Ductless?

The primary advantage of a ductless hood vent is that it is much more versatile in terms of location. It can be installed nearly anywhere in the kitchen, since it does not need to be connected to a duct in the walls or ceiling. If you are remodeling your kitchen and you don't want to install or move ductwork around, then a ductless hood vent gives you more options for where and how you install it.

What's the Bottom Line?

If you are remodeling your kitchen and you already have a duct in place, then go ahead and get a ducted hood vent. However, if you want to move the location of your hood, or if you do not have a duct in place, then you have to weigh the cost and benefits. You'll get better performance from a ducted vent, but is that performance worth the cost of installing new ductwork? That's up to you to decide!

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