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Should I Get Radiant Heat in My House When I Remodel?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Saturday, April 07, 2018

If you have heard of radiant floor heating (or in-floor heating), you have probably heard of its benefits: it is comfortable on your feet, economical to operate, and it is becoming more popular in many areas of the country. However, is radiant floor heating right for your remodeling project?

The answer to that question depends on the type of remodel you are having, and on how much you want this type of heating. Let’s look first at what it is and how it works.

What Is Radiant Heat?

Most of our homes here in the Los Angeles area are heated by forced air that is blown through a furnace of some type, then ducted into our living spaces. Radiant heat, in contrast, works by warming up the floor from the inside. This is accomplished by running heated water through pipes in the floor, or by an electrical element installed inside the floor.

What Are the Advantages of Radiant Heating?

One reason that many people love radiant floor heat is the way you can heat certain areas of the home, rather than the whole thing. This means you are not spending money to heat rooms that you aren’t using as much. It also heats a whole room, unlike a duct or radiator, so that there are no hot or cold areas in the room, and people are comfortable at a lower overall temperature.

Many homeowners with radiant heat also rave about the fact that they never have cold feet in the home! Imagine the luxury of stepping out of the shower and, rather than stepping onto cold tile, feeling that comfortable warmth radiating upwards!

An additional advantage is the fact that radiant heat doesn’t lose energy by duct leakage, and it can be powered by several different sources. Finally, radiant heating reduces airborne allergen movement in the home since it does not rely on ducts, which can be a plus for allergy sufferers.

One caution in regard to energy efficiency is that when a room has very high ceilings or very large, open spaces, radiant heating may cost more to run than conventional. You would need to talk to an expert to know more about this specific calculation in your home.

Can I Get Radiant Heating Installed in My Home?

Because radiant floor heating is typically installed in the concrete slab, it is easiest to do during new construction, or when building an addition. That way, the heat conductors can be installed right from the start. If that is not done, there are other ways to install radiant heating over the concrete slab. These options will raise the level of your floors, requiring some other adjustments in your rooms, but if you are remodeling anyways, that’s not a problem!

Electrical or water-based radiant heating can be installed over an existing floor, with just about any type of flooring going over it, whether that be tile, carpet, wood, or laminate.

Remodeling Services in the Los Angeles Area

Open Hand Remodeling is a full-service construction company, offering kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, and general remodeling services. If you would like to discuss radiant heating as a part of your home remodeling project, we would love to talk about it! Remember, it doesn’t have to be in your whole house; you could just put it in the specific rooms where it would be most appreciated.

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