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Should I Get Soft-Close Hinges and Drawers? L.A. Remodeling Tips

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Friday, June 30, 2017

As if home remodeling didn't already involve enough options to sort through, there are now soft-close options for kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Are these new hardware options worthwhile? How will they affect the resale value of your house? Do people like having them? As a kitchen remodeling company, we are happy to address your questions about soft-close kitchen hardware.

Benefits of Soft-close Drawers and Cabinets

Peace and Quiet! For most homeowners, the biggest benefit to soft-close hardware is how quiet they are. The average person makes some noise when closing cabinets or drawers, and this hardware makes them virtually silent. Children, however, are notorious drawer-slammers and noisy cabinet-closers, making the soft-close features a great investment for the sanity of your home!

Longevity. When cabinet doors are frequently closed with excessive force, it will cause extra wear and tear on your kitchen. This is especially the case with drawers, which (even when you try to be gentle) can slam with a serious concussion. This puts stress on the drawer boxes and hardware which can lead to them coming apart. Soft-close cabinet doors and soft-close drawers will prevent this effect, prolonging the life of your kitchen remodeling investment.

Safety. There is often a pinch zone between the top of a drawer and the lower edge of a countertop, creating a safety hazard. While children do this more commonly, adults also pinch their hands or fingers on occasion. Soft-close drawers make this kind of injury very uncommon.

Resale Value. When homebuyers look at kitchens these days, soft-close hardware is considered standard in high-end kitchens. It's not that soft-close hardware makes you stand out above the rest; rather, not having soft-close hardware makes you stand out in the opposite direction.

Disadvantags of Soft-close Drawers and Cabinets

Efficiency. Some homeowners see the soft-close feature as a drawback, since they sometimes end up waiting for a cabinet to close before they can approach the countertop or open another cabinet. This is not a very common complaint. One area where you might be more likely to see this as a problem is when you have drawer slides inside of cabinets. If the slide-out item is soft-close, and you need to wait for it to slide back in before you can close the cabinet door, this may result in frequent waiting. In that case, opt for regular hardware on your interior slides, and soft-close on the cabinets themselves.

Cost. There is a price difference between regular hardware and soft-close hardware in most cases, and obviously, the soft-close is generally more expensive. The difference is smaller on cabinet doors, and greater on drawers. This is a budgeting issue where you need to set your own priorities and make a good decision. However, in the overall financial picture of a kitchen remodeling project, soft-close hardware does not make a huge difference. We would generally recommend it in most cases.

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