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Should I Put an Island in My Kitchen Remodel?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kitchen remodeling allows you to completely rethink the heart of your home, making positive changes in both the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. If you are doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, you know that there many decisions to make along the way: what color, what flooring, what countertop, which lights, and many more. All of these decisions come together to create a new space in your home that is tailored to you and your life. One of these decisions that can make a big difference is whether or not to include an island in your kitchen remodeling project. An island can make a fabulous addition to a kitchen.

Why Consider a Kitchen Island?

People choose to include an island in their kitchen remodeling for many reasons. Here are some of the kitchen island’s most common functions, though of course there are endless possibilities.

Storage: One important and obvious reason many people choose an island in their kitchen is that it can provide significant, easy-to-access storage space. If you have a lot of family dinners, or like to feed a crowd, you can always use more storage spaces in your kitchen.

Gathering place: The central location and openness of a kitchen island make it a natural social gathering place. Whether you are chatting with friends while preparing a meal, or giving hungry kids a snack, the kitchen island is a great place for people to converge and be together.

Work station: An island can a wonderful open space for food preparation.  If your counter space is limited, or tends to fill up with small appliances, an island can provide just the area you need.

Seating/eating space: Many kitchen islands come with counter or bar-height seating. This can be great for informal meals, kid’s after-school snacks while you talk, or as additional seating for when you host a party.

Space for special amenities: An island can provide just the right place to add something special to your kitchen that might not otherwise fit in well, such as a vegetable sink, wine fridge, or coffee bar.

Beautiful focal point: Along with all the practical roles that it can fill, an island is often a great aesthetic choice.  An island is an excellent place to add some creative flare or a pop of color to your kitchen.

Is a kitchen island a good fit for your kitchen?

If the idea of a kitchen island appeals to you, then the next step is to see whether an island is a good fit for your kitchen remodeling project. When remodeling or adding an addition to your home, you can change the shape, size, and layout of your kitchen.  If you would like to include an island, you will need to have a large enough open space so that the island will not constrict the flow of motion in your kitchen. If your current kitchen layout does not have adequate space for an island, but you like the idea of one, you can talk with your remodeling contractor. With experience and creative thinking, you may be able to transform your space in surprising ways with adjustments to your layout or even moving walls.

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