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The Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bathrooms are a key component to your home. Every resident and almost every guest will see the interior of your bathroom. From this standpoint, the decision to paint your bathroom should be carefully thought out. Paint is one of the easiest ways to renew your space, but which finishes and colors are the best for a room that is used so often? This is an ideal room in which to showcase your interior design skills, but it also must withstand exposure to moisture on a daily basis. The key is to find a paint color that highlights your home’s decor and that’s also incredibly durable.

Bathroom Paint Considerations

Your bathroom paint needs to last. Over the course of its lifetime, it will most likely be scrubbed, cleaned, and dried. If your family is tough on your bathroom (this includes pets), avoiding flat or matte finish paints will be in your best interest. If you are remodeling a full bath, it might be best to purchase a mildew- and mold-resistant paint. This small step will save you from future frustrations.

Bathroom Style

There are several different approaches for designing your dream bathroom. An easy first step is to decide if you would like your wall color to be a backdrop or to seamlessly blend with your fixtures. Choosing a dark color for your bathroom wall paint will allow you to add extra splashes of color (and contrast) with wall art, hand towels, knobs, and drawer pulls. Dark blues lend themselves especially well to bathrooms, as many bathroom accessories are typically neutral, lighter tones.

If the bathroom in question is the place where makeup will be applied, choosing a wall color that compliments your skin tone is ideal. Pink shades, including peach and terra cotta, create a very flattering effect on all skin colors. Grays, yellows, or greens might might make you look more washed out in the mirror.

Some bathrooms can be very small, especially half bathrooms. There is no reason to hide this fact, but instead, play to it. Painting all walls and the ceiling with a bright color can revolutionize your small space. The effect will instantly erase any impressions of a small, drab half-bath.

It’s time to embrace such a practical room and show it a little love. Open Hand Remodeling has the experience and dedication needed to make your next home project a success.

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