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Upgrading Your Kitchen’s Paint

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Friday, August 21, 2015

When remodeling your kitchen, choosing the right paint color can be a chore. Your ultimate goal as a homeowner is to change the look and style of the room, but you may not want to make such a drastic change that you end up needing to repaint your kitchen again in a year. Additionally, there are cabinets and appliances to consider when selecting a color scheme for your new kitchen. Luckily, the function of a room can help you decide the best paint to use to achieve your desired interior design.

Kitchens can sometimes be tricky. Does your kitchen have low lighting? How do you create a warm and homey space? Shades of white, gray, blue, yellow, and green can transform your kitchen into a bright room that also feels inviting. Since most days begin and end in the kitchen, using a fresh white or gray can bring an energizing feel to the room. The two paint colors pair well together, and they perfectly compliment each other when incorporated into your cabinets or backsplash. Both white and gray are ideal base hues that will allow you to use splashes of color throughout your kitchen with appliances, hand towels, and other home decor.

However, white and gray can be too neutral for some homeowner’s tastes. Blue is also a smart choice for kitchens. By using a lighter shade of blue, you can create a clean, crisp appearance that makes your kitchen feel brighter even if it has low lighting. If you choose to paint your kitchen a dark blue, be sure to use the shade sparingly. If used too much, it can be overwhelming to the eye and make your kitchen feel too dark or intense.

Yellow, a traditional color for kitchens, is thought to increase a person’s appetite. And while bright yellow is reminiscent of sunshine, softer shades of yellow can soothe your guests and make them feel happier. A bold pop of yellow or green can be the perfect accent in your kitchen if you decide to paint your room in bright white or gray tones.

Updating your kitchen’s look can be one of the most rewarding investments for your house, but deciding the perfect color is not always the easiest endeavor. At Open Hand Remodeling, we have the right experience to help homeowners transform their kitchens into a new, inviting space in your home.


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