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What Kind of Shower Door Should I Get?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, October 15, 2018

One of the most popular and common home projects is bathroom remodeling. Bathrooms are a relatively small room and are used frequently, and so make a very rewarding project. Remodeling an outdated bathroom can rejuvenate the feel of your home.

Bathroom remodeling, like all home renovations, involves lots of decisions! One of the decisions that you will want to make early on in your bathroom remodeling process is what kind of shower door you want to have. While the shower door may seem like a relatively small decision, what type of door you will use on your shower may influence many aspects of your bathroom design, including the size and placement of your shower.

Opening Style: Sliding, Pivot Opening, or Folding

Shower doors come in many different designs. Sliding shower doors are generally composed of two glass panels which can slide from side to side to open. A pivoting, or hinged, shower door opens like a traditional room door, swinging on hinges. Yet another option is a folding shower door, which has a joint that folds in like a closet door. Sliding doors are the most common and popular style of shower door.

Design: Frameless or Framed

In the past, most glass shower doors were made with a metal frame around the edges to support them. While the metal framed shower doors can still be a classy choice, there has been a strong trend toward frameless shower doors. These are made of glass that is thick enough to not require metal support. Frameless shower doors have become very popular, as they have a sleek modern look, and allow beautiful tile work or other features of the shower to be clearly showcased. If you are interested in having frameless shower doors, you should discuss this early on with your bathroom remodeling contractor. Many frameless shower doors need to be custom made to fit your shower and will need to be installed by experienced, professional contractors.

Glass: Clear or Textured

Shower doors also come in many different styles of glass. The most popular is clear glass. Clear glass provides the greatest amount of light, makes your bathroom feel more spacious, and has a clean, modern look. However, clear glass is not for everyone. Shower doors also come in many textures including frosted, obscure, and rain. These textures allow for more privacy, while still allowing light to flow through.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling

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