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Why Install a Gas Fireplace when Remodeling?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are looking for ways to bring the festive atmosphere into their homes. Few things bring a feeling of cozy cheer like gathering around a warm fire with friends and loved ones. If you love the idea of warming up your home and heart with a cozy fireplace, but you don’t love the idea of dealing with firewood, smoke, and ash in your home, then a gas fireplace might be perfect for you.

Brighten Up Your Home

If you are improving your home by building an addition, consider including a gas fireplace in your plans to make your new space delightful and inviting. If you are not adding onto your home, but are renovating or remodeling a bedroom, study, living room, or gathering place, this is a great opportunity to check with your remodeling contractor about installing a gas stove.

An Atmosphere of Cheer

Besides helping to heat your home, a good gas fireplace can help you to create the atmosphere that you are looking for. Combined with a soft blanket, cup of cocoa, and a great movie or book, a fireplace can add warm and cozy charm. Paired with Christmas music, plates of cookies, and lots of laughter, a bright fireplace can help you host the perfect holiday party. From romantic evening to cheerful Saturday morning, a fireplace that you can turn on with the flick of a switch can be a great asset.

Clean and Efficient

Obviously, the most attractive feature of a gas fireplace over a wood burning fire place is convenience. Rather than needing to tramp outside and carry in an armload of logs and twigs, inevitably dropping bits of bark all over your floor, and then messing with paper and matches for a while, eventually getting to the stage where you blow on the immature flames, sending ash flying all over, and quickly try to close the door before too much smokes gets in the room... with a gas fire place, you put your slippered feet up on the coffee table, grab your remote, and voilà! Cozy fire with no mess or effort. A gas fire place is also quite efficient in putting out heat.

If you don’t have natural gas in your home, you could also consider an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are generally less expensive than gas ones. They are just as convenient as gas fireplaces, but do not look as similar to a real wood fire.

Home Remodeling in Los Angeles Area

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