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Why Is Spring an Ideal Time to Schedule Your Remodeling or Building Project?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, March 30, 2015

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Thanks to the climate we enjoy here in the Greater LA area, seasonal considerations like snow and ice aren’t a factor when it comes to choosing the very best time of year for your home remodeling or building project. We certainly have that going for us! We do have the summer sun to contend with, however, as discussed recently in regard to choosing the right time for roofing (you can take a look at that post here).

So, that still leaves us with the question: when is a good time to schedule your building project?

Spring - The Perfect Time for Your Project

Getting in touch with your professional builder right now and scheduling your project is a wise decision. This is because many homeowners tend to book their work to be done in the summer, accidentally creating a sort of construction traffic jam.

This time of year, pre-summer, is a wonderful opportunity to get ahead of the traffic of competitive scheduling and instead enjoy a wide open road to project completion.

Consider it an insider tip!

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