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Why Use Outdoor Pavers in the Los Angeles Area?

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

While pavers in their most basic form are just bricks, essentially similar to products that humans have used for millenia, there are some amazing new products and innovative trends that can turn outdoor pavers into a stylish, modern masterpiece! So, what are the advantages to using outdoor pavers here in the Los Angeles area?

Hand-made touch

Nothing says "industrial" like concrete. Why would you want your pool deck to look like a warehouse floor? Or your driveway to look like an interstate? Or your walkways to look like a sidewalk?

Outdoor pavers provide a hand-made appearance that gives your home a unique touch of class and originality. Laid by hand and arrayed in attractive patterns, outdoor pavers are truly a form of art and craftsmanship. They create a look that is both timeless and modern, welcoming and impressive. 

More Variety, originality

While there are some attractive options for finishing concrete, including stamps and colors, the use of outdoor pavers provides infinitely more possibilities for original designs and custom layouts. You can have curved edges to your pool decks, or winding paths through your landscaping. You can have intricate, orderly patterns and round focal points. You can have uniform colors, or coordinated patterns. In short, your possibilities with outdoor pavers are only limited by your imagination!


When concrete cracks, or gets stained or damaged, it can be difficult and costly to repair or replace a whole section. However, with outdoor pavers, individual bricks can be removed and replaced with relatively little effort or expense, making repairs a simple proposition.


Do you want a built-in firepit integrated with your outdoor pavers? How about permeable pavers to allow water drainage? Why not paver steps that match your patio? Before you finalize the details of your plans, spend some time daydreaming; make sure you consider the vast options available to you!

Outdoor Paver Installation in the Los Angeles Area

Open Hand Remodeling provides all kinds of renovation and construction services for homeowners in the Los Angeles area. One of our specialties is the installation of outdoor pavers and the creation of ideal outdoor spaces. Whether you are thinking of improving your driveway, pool deck, patio or walkways with outdoor pavers, we can help you solidify your ideas and bring them into reality!

As a professional remodeling contractor, Open Hand serves the communities of West Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. Contact us if you have an outdoor paver project in mind!

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