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Add the Latest Gadgets to Your Home with Bathroom Remodeling

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, August 01, 2016

What makes someone want to update his or her home with the latest tech devices? For many people, it’s notoriety: they love being known for having the house with all of the newest and coolest installations before anyone else. For some, it’s curiosity: if there’s a device or an update that everyone is talking about, they want to know why. For others, it’s practicality: they know that tech updates, both big and small, can make their lives easier and more efficient. Plus, there are some people who only think about the numbers. They know that a modern, updated home is likely to be worth more and will be more appealing to potential buyers, not to mention fetch a higher price at resell.

Maybe you fit into one of these categories, or maybe you’re a combination of several. But for whatever reason, if you’re curious about the latest gadgets to add to your home, one of the best places to start is the bathroom.

Bathroom remodel ideas that involve the latest gadgets include:

Sensor Mirrors

Does your makeup always look different in public than you thought it did when you first applied it? Have you ever been out on a date and realized that your tie doesn’t actually match your shirt the way you thought it did? One bathroom remodeling idea is to install sensor mirrors. These mirrors mimic natural sunlight so you know you’re getting an accurate view.

Hands-Free Toilets

Are you a germaphobe by nature (or maybe having kids has turned you into one)? Install a hands-free toilet and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not having to touch your toilet to open or close the cover or to flush.

Money Savers

Any house remodel comes with a pricetag, but a smart tech install in your bathroom means that you can calculate future savings into your overall bathroom remodeling cost. Install a low-flow toilet or a smart shower (which can control water droplet size, spray and speed) to manage your water usage. You’ll see the savings on your water bill (and the planet will thank you).

High-Tech Showers

There are more ways to enjoy your shower beyond knowing that you’re cutting down on your water bill, even though that can be a great feeling in itself. Install a water-resistant speaker into your shower to enjoy hands-free tunes. To take your shower to the next level, check out chromotherapy: LED lights in your tub or shower will cycle through colors to achieve the mood you’re looking for, whether it’s energized, relaxed, thoughtful, or just plain happy. Whether you start your day with a shower or end it, make it an energizing beginning or a calming end.

If you’re in Pasadena and are looking for smart ways to add the latest gadgets to your home, or if you’re researching smart ideas for bathroom remodeling, contact Open Hand Remodeling. Open Hand’s team of expert bathroom contractors can guide you through the best ways to upgrade your bathroom and save you money, both now and in the future.

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