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Building an Addition to Increase the Size of Your Los Angeles Area Home

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Monday, July 30, 2018

If your current house doesn’t have enough rooms or space for your family or your lifestyle, you could sell your house and look for a larger one, but that’s a whole lot of work! What if instead, you just added on to the home you already own?

Adding an addition to your house can be a great option! There are two main types of additions; out additions and up additions, and there are pros and cons to both options.

There are some additions that require a specific method of addition. For example, if you want to expand your kitchen, you will need to build out, not up! Other types of home additions, such as adding a bedroom, can be more flexible.

Building a Horizontal Addition

Building out, or horizontally, will usually involve building another room at ground level. This is probably the most common way to do an addition. This would increase the footprint of your home, extending its perimeter outward, and it causes minimal disturbance to the rest of your home.

Some drawbacks to this plan, however, often include the expense of having to extend your foundation, the loss of space in your yard, and the possibility that, depending on the community where you live, you may need to get a zoning variance.

Building a Vertical Addition

If you need to expand your living space, but don’t want to increase the footprint of your house, building a vertical addition is probably what you’ll want to do. With this type of addition, you can either add a room to your second story or add another whole story to a one-floor home. You could also build a room over your garage.

Even though your contractor will not need to build a new foundation area, they may need to strengthen the existing foundation and supports throughout your house to manage the extra weight. Another potential downside is that your community may have rules about how high your house can be, so make sure to verify all relevant local codes and HOA bylaws.

Finally, before you build an up addition, you should remember and consider the fact that you’ll need to add a staircase, which will take up roughly 80 to 120 square feet. 

Open Hand Can Help

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