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The Latest in Bathroom Design Trends

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do you like to stay up-to-date with the latest in bathroom remodel design trends? Are you known around your neighborhood (or do you hope to be known) as having the home with the newest updates and magazine-ready layouts? Perhaps you want to increase the resale value of your home. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for the latest in simple bathroom remodel ideas, look no further.

Below are current trends in bathroom designs, layouts, and updates that are making a big statement:

Creative Tile

Including tile in the bathroom is not a new idea; the versatile material is perfect for a room that deals with a lot of moisture and humidity, and it holds up well to cleaning. But rather than allowing tile to be a passive part of the bathroom, current trends make tile a bold participant in the layout. Be bold in your patterns, colors, or locations (use tile on both walls and floor). Unusual color combinations, unusual layouts, and purposeful patterns are other ways to bring your tile up-to-date.


Updating your bathroom to become more eco-friendly (and more budget-friendly) is a great benefit. Start with shower design: Replace your water-guzzling shower with a low-flow shower; if you want to save water (a must in California!) some new showerheads can even track your water usage. The other culprits for water usage in your bathroom -- your sink and your toilet -- can also be replaced to be more efficient and use less water.

Industrial Chic

You may have noticed this trend in restaurants: a blend of wood and metal with purposefully exposed pipes and shining surfaces. Your bathroom is the perfect place to explore this trend: mixing concrete, wooden, and metallic surfaces between your walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures is a great way to get this mixed-material, industrial chic look.

Reclaimed and Shabby Chic

Another trend you’ve probably noticed in your friends’ home is the shabby chic look: the incorporation of vintage materials and pieces into the design of a room. A beautiful way to include this trend in your bathroom is by using wood as an accent. A wooden wall, sink pedestal, or backsplash is an unexpected yet homey feature to add to your bathroom.

Return to the Classics

White bathrooms are never going out of style. White walls, white appliances, white tiles, white flooring, white cabinets: you can’t go wrong with a bright and gleaming white bathroom. This classic look feels modern and timeless at the same time, and makes sometimes smaller bathrooms feel spacious and luxurious.

Whether you’re ahead of the trends or need help keeping up, Open Hand Remodeling has the team of bathroom contractors and design experts to give your home the updates it needs. Contact our experts in bathroom remodeling today.

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