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Tips on Choosing Colors when Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted by Daniel Mizrahi on Saturday, June 30, 2018

Remodeling a kitchen is a rewarding project. A kitchen remodel takes a frequently-used, vital part of the home which has become worn out or outdated, and transforms it into something fresh and beautiful. This can bring new life and energy to your whole home and make your kitchen a joy to be in. One important part of this process is choosing the colors that will fill your beautiful new kitchen space. Choosing colors for kitchen remodeling can be loads of fun, but it can also be an intimidating prospect.

When you are doing a complete renovation or remodel in your kitchen, there are several areas for which you will be choosing colors. Usually the principal elements for colors in a kitchen are cabinets, counter tops, wall paint, appliances, and flooring. There are many other ways that colors, hues, and tones can be worked into a kitchen, including ceiling paint, back splash, and trim. As you plan your kitchen remodeling project, you will want to consider how the colors of each of these will interact and work together.

Exploring Kitchen Colors

A great way to get started with choosing colors is to look at lots of pictures to see what you love. The internet can provide you with a wealth of kitchen color scheme photos. You may be introduced to color ideas and combinations that you would never have thought of. Spend some time in home improvement stores looking at their paint cards and paint catalogs that give color groupings that go well together. Pay attention to which colors make you happy.



As you explore color options for your kitchen, you will want to keep these factors in mind. Consider what feel you would like to achieve in your kitchen.  Calm and soothing, warm and cozy, bright and exciting, organic earth tones? Do you want trendy, classic, or subdued? Also, consider the rest of your home.  What colors or tones do you have in the other areas of your home? Typically, people want to choose colors for their remodeled kitchen that will allow the new space to mesh with the feel of the rest of their home.

What Do I Pick First?

When you are choosing so many colors, it can be hard to know what order to choose in. Do I choose a cabinet first, and then a paint color, or the other way around? You may want to start with whichever idea you love the most, and match everything else to that. Are you in love with a turquoise fridge? Start with that and choose other colors that will work well with the fridge. It is helpful to keep in mind that cabinets and counter tops usually take up a majority of the prominent visible space in a kitchen, and that it is much easier to change a paint color by repainting than to change your cabinets and counter tops. You may want to select your cabinets and countertops first, and choose other colors based on those. There are many ways you can add exciting splashes of colors to your kitchen without using cabinets or walls in that color. If you adore salmon or teal, but also love the peaceful feel of a white kitchen, you can go ahead and have a white kitchen, and choose one focal point, such as a kitchen island, to be that unique color.


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